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Telenet – Telecommunications

With over 30 years of experience, our professionals from the Telecommunication Industry will provide the best resources under one vendor.


TELNET makes use of the latest commercial grade technology to provide dedicated, secure and reliable High Speed Broadband access to our customers. Our network reliability combines the advantages of microwave antennas and fiber-optic installation.


Security is our main concern. Even though some home WI-FI equipment can harbor security vulnerabilities, our system does not utilize such protocols nor operates in the same frequency. Instead we use various security mechanisms starting with proprietary transmission protocols and seconded by data security protocols like VLAN and VPN.


Why wait for a connection? If you need service, just request a site survey and you will have your service installed in less than 10 business days! Our system is completely independent from the local providers, thus we provide the fastest installation available in PR.

What are your most important needs?